34.2m Catamaran Passenger Ferry For Sale

$400,000 The 34.2m Super Cat for sale in Australia is an exceptional maritime vessel, serving as a catamaran passenger ferry since its construction in 2000

Heavy Duty Alloy Work Boat for Lease

Heavy Duty Alloy Work Boat for Lease is a formidable vessel ready for any marine challenge.

Tug and Barge for Hire (as a pair or individual)

Tug and Barge for Hire. Looking for reliable vessels to power your marine operations? Look no further!

Sand and Gravel Dredge For Sale

$200,000 ono - Sand and Gravel Dredge - Price is Negotiable. Head is 4.5 mtr wide and goes to a depth of 6.5 mtr

Split Hopper Barge 31 mtr

Road transportable Split Hopper Barge that is in AMSA 2C survey for the carrying and disposal of bulk material/spoils. Operations for disposal of material is remotely operated by tow vessel for safe disposal.

5.2 mtr Landing Barge

$80,000. Introducing the exceptional 5.25m commercial landing barge, an unconventional marvel that defies the ordinary. On a trailer

8mtr Work Boat - With Crane and Spuds

$267,000. On a trailer with a crane and ready to go.

Self Propelled Work Boat

$590,000 Self Propelled Work Boat is road transportable, self-propelled work boat with horsepower built to impress. This vessel is suitable for a wide range of marine services including towing and pushing other vessels and transporting materials and cargo with a 30t deck load limit and 10.3t/mtr crane.

7.5mtr Aluminium Work Boat In Svy

$70,000 1D Survey, this crew transfer vessel is authorized to carry up to 13 unberthed passengers and is crewed by a proficient crew of 2. Its sturdy aluminium construction ensures durability

Stessl Dive Boat

$35,000 Stessl Dive Boat 550 Mako Trakrail, a vessel that stands out in both commercial and recreational waters. This robust boat, certified in AMSA Survey 2D and 2E